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Bishop O’Byrne Grade 12
Nate is a fantastically fun player to watch and his mark is always left on the game. Sometimes that’s with big shots, unbelievable finishes or stellar defense. He is one of those versatile players that can do a little bit of everything.



Father Lacombe Grade 11

Marjok is heads and shoulders the most athletic player in the Calgary landscape but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a high skill set. He is the once in every ten years type of athlete with great skills, super athletic and high character. He will be a name people talk about for years to come




St Mary’s Grade12
One of the fastest players around with or without the ball and the skills to match any PG in and around Calgary. Ahmed is able to maintain a fanatic pace all game and cause his opponent to get lost in the dust.




Father Lacombe Grade 11
Will is a scary mix of height, skill, IQ and determination. With his ability to post up, take players off the dribble or pullup all that combined an extremely long frame and wing span Will makes for a matchup nightmare.



Lester B. Pearson Grade 12
Jazkaran has some great size and length. He is 6’6 and has a fantastic way that makes it feel like he is 6’10. He is a true stretch high school 4 but has the rounded skill set to adapt to playing the 3 -5 if need be. He knocks down shots very well and can play read and react with his teammates off the dribble. He is also a great passer out of the post or on the move when he drives.




Western Canada Grade 11
Brandon is a big body with high skill set and an extremely aggressive style of play. The attribute that really sticks with me is the way he gets after the offensive boards. He extends possessions and makes the right play once he secures the ball. Can shoot or drive well and has a great feel for the game. He makes fantastic decision on the move and limits his turnovers. His ceiling is extremely high, he has a chance to be special!




St. Mary’s Grade 12
Jeremey has been working hard to increase his skills with his club and with trainers in the Calgary area. Which has shown dividends with great play last season and will have only increased over the off-season. Jeremey is a knockdown shooter and if the closeout comes has the toolbox to break the defense down with ease.



Bishop O’byrne Grade 11
Bryce is another extremely versatile player that can do it all. Where Bryce’s game stands out is his ability to get by defenders off the dribble and finish at a high clip around the rim. Another weapon Bryce has is his midrange pull up that he uses extremely well in the flow of the game to keep defenders guessing.



St. Mary’s Grade 12
Ijah plays the game with no fear, he finishes over players regardless of their size and does so without being out of control. Ijah is also one of the fastest player around and makes teams feel that pressure all game long. He is a force to be reckoned with and always exciting to watch!



Bishop McNally Grade 12
What can I say about James, don’t judge a book by its cover! James is a killer on the court, gets after it on defense and knocks down huge shots off the dribble regardless of the pressure applied. As he goes so will his team!



1. Ben Kamba Bishop McNally High School Gr 12  2. Nhial Jacobs Bishop McNally High School Gr 12 3. Miles Fryett Centennial High School Gr 12   4. Michail Peters Bishop McNally High School Gr 12  5. Hudson Wiebe Western Canada High School Gr 12  6. David Magak Father Lacombe High School Gr 11  7. Aiden Smith Western Canada High School Gr 11  8. Paul Asebiode Bishop O’Bryne High School Gr11 9. Olumide Adelodun Bishop O’Bryne High School Gr 10 10. Nolan Anderson William Aberhart High School Gr 10