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William Tong

Father Lacombe Grade 12
William is a Swiss Army Knife and by that I mean he is one of those versatile players that can do a little bit of everything. He shoots well, dribbles and drives well. But his greatest characteristic is that he plays above the rim on offence and defense. He gets blocks, alters shots and when he gets the defensive rebound he gets a break going quickly. Will is an extremely Dynamic high school player and will make a great addition to the next team at the next level wherever that may be!



Brandon Iticka

Western Canada Grade 12
Brandon is a dog, he just goes to work. He scores with a type of ferocity you don’t see very often. He also has a very well rounded skillset so it’s no wonder he played a large role in helping his team win a Calgary City Championship while in grade 11.




Father Lacombe Grade12
Jerome is a special case, tall (6’5), strong, fast and has a high basketball IQ. The sky is the limit for this young man. After the high school season Jerome has been invited to the Team Canada U17 selection camp. Good luck!




Bishop McNally Grade 12
Darius has great size and length, shoots well, gets anywhere on the court he wants to go just because he is so strong and facilities with high efficiency. He is a fantastic teammate and adds to a winning culture. He is an in betweener not a guard and not a post, he is just a basketball player willing to do whatever to help his team win.




Bishop O’Byrne Grade 12
Bryce is an extremely versatile player that can do it all. Where Bryce’s game stands out is his ability to get by defenders off the dribble and finish at a high clip around the rim. Another weapon Bryce has is his midrange pull up that he uses extremely well in the flow of the game to keep defenders guessing.



Bishop O’Byrne Grade 12
Paul has a very good feel for the game, he knows when to push the pace and when to slow it down. Those tempo changes make it hard to predict his next moves and when he gets you off guard his skills are too high to allow the defense room to recover. Paul also is sneaky athletic, can get up and down the court with ease and will play above the rim on you if you aren’t careful.



Western Canada Grade 12
Tobi is a scary mix of height, skill, athleticism, IQ and determination. With his ability to post up, take players off the dribble or pullup all that combined an extremely long frame, quick jumping ability and wing span makes for a matchup nightmare.




All Saints Grade 12
James is a knockdown shooter and if the closeout comes even a little off has the toolbox to break the defense down with ease. He possess an extremely high basketball IQ, he just knows how plays will develop and will make reads off that very well. He can play at an extremely high pace while making it look effortless all while making the correct reads. He will make a great addition to any USport team.




Bishop O’Byrne Grade 11
Olumide is one of those players that quietly out scores everyone, he is one of those players that you don’t need to run a play for all game but will finish with 25+ points. This young man has an extremely high ceiling athletically and once you couple that with his work ethic in the classroom you realize the sky is the limit. He will surpass many many expectations mark my word.




Bishop McNally Grade 12
Antonio is one of the most athletic young players around, he also has a great skillset and what’s great about him is every time I see him play he looks like he has made huge improvements. It’s scary how good he can be!


1. Abdulmuiz Abdullahi Sir Winston Churchill High School Gr 12  2.David Magak Father Lacombe High School Gr 12 3. Olumide Adelodun Bishop O’Bryne High School Gr 11  4. Toks Ajayi Sir Winston Churchill High School Gr 12 5. Jonah Millard Western Canada High School Gr 12 6. Aiden Smith Western Canada High School Gr 12 7. Nolan Anderson William Aberhart High School Gr 11 8. Kaya Bautista St Mary’s High School Gr 12 9. Kaya Bautista St Mary’s High School Gr 12 10. Ben Onyenwosa St Martin de Porres Gr 12